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We provide the service of Stainless steel plate exporting and we exported stainless steel sheet and stainless coil. Supply Stainless steel plate Price



HENAN FORWARD STEEL EXPORT CO.,LTD (Stainless steel plate price services)
We only focus on China stainless steel plate market 12years. Forward steel cooperated with many large stainless steel factories to produce stainless steel plates. More better quality, faster delivery time and more better service.

Stainless steel plate standard and grade.
ASTM A240 Adopt standard:
Grade: ASTM A240 Grade 201, A240 Grade 201,  Stainless steel plate price
A240 Grade 301, A240 GRADE 301L, A240 Grade 301LN, A240 Grade 302,
A240 Grade 304, A240 Grade 304L, A240 Grade 304H, A240 Grade 304N, a240 grade 304LN

A240 Grade 305

A240 Grade 309S, a240 Grade 309H, A240 Grade 309CB

A240 Grade 310S, A240 Grade 310H, A240 Grade 310CB, A240 Grade 310MoLN
A240 Grade 316, A240 Grade 316L, A240 Grade 316H, A240 Grade 316TI, A240 Grade 316Cb, A240 Grade 316N, A240 Grade 316LN

A240 Grade 317, A240 Grade 317L, A240 Grade 317LN

A240 Grade 321, A240 Grade 321H,

A240 Grade 347, A240 Grade 347H

A240 Grade 348, A240 Grade 348H

A240 Grade 2205, A240 Grade 2304, A240 Grade 2507, A240 Grade 329


A240 Grade 405, A240 Grade 409, A240 Grade 410, A240 Grade 410s, A240 Grade 429, A240 Grade 430, A240 Grade 439, A240 Grade 434, A240 Grade 436, A240 Grade 444


ASME SA240 Adopt standard:
Stainless steel plate Grade: ASME SA240 Grade 201, SA240 Grade 201, Stainless steel plate price
SA240 Grade 301, SA240 GRADE 301L, SA240 Grade 301LN, SA240 Grade 302,
SA240 Grade 304, SA240 Grade 304L, SA240 Grade 304H, SA240 Grade 304N, SA240 grade 304LN

SA240 Grade 305 Stainless steel plate price

SA240 Grade 309S, SA240 Grade 309H, SA240 Grade 309CB

SA240 Grade 310S, SA240 Grade 310H, SA240 Grade 310CB, SA240 Grade 310MoLN
SA240 Grade 316, SA240 Grade 316L, SA240 Grade 316H, SA240 Grade 316TI, SA240 Grade 316Cb, SA240 Grade 316N, SA240 Grade 316LN

SA240 Grade 317, SA240 Grade 317L, SA240 Grade 317LN

SA240 Grade 321, SA240 Grade 321H, Stainless steel plate price

SA240 Grade 347, SA240 Grade 347H

SA240 Grade 348, SA240 Grade 348H Stainless steel plate price

SA240 Grade 2205, SA240 Grade 2304, SA240 Grade 2507, SA240 Grade 329 Stainless steel plate price


SA240 Grade 405, SA240 Grade 409, SA240 Grade 410, SA240 Grade 410s, SA240 Grade 429, SA240 Grade 430, SA240 Grade 439, SA240 Grade 434, SA240 Grade 436, SA240 Grade 444


ASTM/ASME Stainless steel plate production range:

Cold rolled Stainless steel plate: Thickness 0.5-3mm, width 20mm-1500mm, length: 500mm-10000mm

Hot rolled Stainless steel plate: Thickness: 3mm to 300mm, width: 100mm-3800mm, Length: 500mm-12000mm.


  1. Supply Stainless steel plate stock
    Forward steel had 3000tons stainless steel plate and coil warehouse. From cold rolled 2b Service stainless plate to Hot rolled No 1 surface steel plates, thickness from 0.5mm to 200mm range. If any urgently requirement for stainless steel, forward steel will be the better choice.

The mainly stainless steel grade is 304/2B, 304L/2B, 304L, 310S NO.1, 310S 2B, 309S, 321, 316, 316L, 316H, 316TI, 310SI2, 2205, S31803, 201, 410, 430, 409, 443, 439,


Quality inspection system.

PMI inspection each stainless plates


Stainless steel cutting and machined services

Forward steel cutting department can cut any shape for customers according to the drawing. So, you only provide your drawing and we will do the balance jobs. CNC and water cutting machines

Bevel for stainless cutting, and Stainless steel machined parts for equipment. That is our another service for our customer.

CNC Machining

CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control) uses computers to control machine tools including lathes, mills, routers and grinders.

There are many advantages to using CNC machining:

a. That is morefaster and more precise than manual machining

b. That can be repeated in exactly the same manner

c. CNC can produce complex shapes that would be almost impossible to achieve with manual machining



2017-02 RBC 100mm stainless steel plate spherical surface processing with 0.4 highly polished surface.

2018-07 GRC SA240 GR 316TI Projects


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  1. Delivery time:

Stock stainless plate, stainless coil: 3-5days.
New production stainless steel plate: 7-10days
Cutting parts: 15days
Machined parts: 15-30days
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