The Professional Purchasing Agent Service

The Professional Purchasing Agent Service


Forward steel provide the professional purchasing agent in China. We are specialized in steel plate, stainless steel and steel profile and stainless profiles.


Yes, Mostly of time, you can purchase steel material from China Supplier, Exporter, Or stock steel holder. But you should do not know the export rebates. In China, Government will return the 8%-16% export rebates to encourage exporter office.
If you choose us as purchase agent, we will share the export rebates and that will deduct your purchase cost.

China steel market professional purchasing service agent

For example, ASTM A240 316L stainless steel plate Purchasing Agent Service, there are export rebates 13%. If the total domestic amount is 30000usd, the total return tax is =13%*30000usd/1.16. For those amount should be return to exporter in 1-3month. That is what we do as steel material purchasing agent.


You can get better service and professional price information at China factory. You can buy steel plate in China the same with yourself country.


Our steel material list:

Steel Plate

Stainless plate

Steel profile

Stainless profile

Cutting service


And so on.